World's rarest passport book

Only 500 people own the passports of the Malta Governor-General.

Passport is a document that anyone who wants to travel abroad must have. It is a necessary condition for you to enter and exit the airport, the international terminal. In each country, millions of passport books are printed to serve the travel needs of people.

Pope Francis (right) poses for a photo with the Prince, Great Knight of the All-Excelling Fighters of Malta, Matthew Festing. Photo: Mirror.

However, in the world currently a special passport book, about 500 people own. It has a dark red cover, golden font. At first glance, many travelers may mistake it for a British passport. In fact, however, it was the Ordre Souverain Militaire de Malte (Ordinary Soldier of Malta) passport.

The existence of this special passport book is due to the history, special status, and status of the Knights of Malta. According to the Mirror, the full name of this order is Saint Johns of the Redemptorist Saints of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta.

Passport ranked as the rarest in the world. Photo: Nine Pickle.

This is a Roman Catholic religious order, a member of the ancient European knights. These people represent the gallant, chivalrous image. That is why the passport book is also known by many other names: Knight Passport. Currently, this line has 3 facilities: Palazzo Malta (Italy), Villa del Prorato di Malta on Aventine hill (Italy) and Saint Angelo castle on the island of Malta.

The passport book is issued to the Supreme Council, the heads and diplomats and their relatives and families. In addition, it is also granted to high-level characters, in charge of special missions.

The validity of this rare passport is 4 years, equivalent to the working term of the owner. Those with these documents still have the right to add another passport. It is the passport of the country in which they are citizens.

Today, the Malta Order has diplomatic relations with more than 100 countries. This group of passport holders has appeared in 120 countries and territories. Their main duties are relief, medical assistance, education ... They are also UN observers.

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