Vietnam in the top countries with the best coffee in the world

Each country has its own special versions of "quality" coffee such as coconut milk of Vietnam, Kissaten coffee in Japanese style ...

Iced milk coffee, Vietnam

Iced milk coffee or simply called iced coffee is a popular and extremely suitable drink for the hot and humid climate of Vietnam. Roasted coffee, filtered through filter then added condensed milk with some ice cubes. Ben Groundwater, Stuff editor, also suggested guests try drinking popular hammock coffee on the road. Photo: Barbara Adam.

Coconut coffee, Vietnam

Ben said Vietnamese people love to drink coffee and have many ideas combining "strange" like coffee with eggs or coconut milk. Coconut coffee is located between the boundaries of drinks and desserts, because it has both Espresso, sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk. The sweetness of coconut does not lose the richness of the coffee, making many foreign visitors extremely excited. Photo: Medium.

Espresso, Italy

First appearing in a boot-shaped country around 1930, Espresso is now very familiar in the culture of enjoying coffee from people around the world. Want to enjoy authentic Italian espresso, look for a bar in Rome, where locals drink coffee and comment on football. Photo: Yelp.

Cortado coffee, Argentina

Argentina has a very proud coffee culture, Cortado coffee is served in a small glass with an Espresso shot, with some milk foam on it. Perhaps the reason that this type of coffee is preferred lies in the simplicity that comes from not mixing too much sugar, milk or any other flavor. Photo: Cafe De Oro.

Kahvesi Coffee, Turkey

The beans in the rug are ground into fine powder, then brewed on a stove, and poured into a cup of boiling water without filtering the residue. Coffee tastes very bitter and rich. If unfamiliar, visitors can eat coffee grounds after drinking more than half a cup. Photo: Conde Nast Traveler.

Nous-nous coffee, Morocco

"Nous-nous" in Arabic means "half-half", because this coffee is half Espresso and half hot milk. Coffee will be poured from a hand-drawn coffee machine and hot milk is similar, then the drink will be served in glasses of Moroccan style. Photo: Kathy Adams.

Kissaten Coffee, Japan

"Kissaten" is a classic Japanese tea and coffee restaurant - this is also a business model that is disappearing in Japan due to the popularity of modern coffee shops, served with porcelain cups. white. Coffee at kissaten is usually filtered in coffee filters and then served with a porcelain mug with milk. This is a nostalgic experience that visitors should not miss. Photo: Spoon & Tamago.

Coffee with kaya bread, Singapore

Coffee in Singapore is often served with toast with kaya (a special jam made from coconut milk and eggs). Photo: Goodies First / Flickr.

Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopians have a ritual to grow, harvest and enjoy coffee. The ceremony involved burning incense and then cleaning and roasting fresh coffee beans. The beans are then ground by hand and then brewed with water on fire. The drink is then poured into a small cup, the coffee grounds are then mixed for another two turns. It is thought that a person will change his mind when drinking these three cups of coffee. Photo: Conde Nast Traveler.

Fika coffee, Sweden

Swedes prefer coffee and drink more than most people in other countries around the world. From black coffee, white coffee, filter coffee or espresso, most Swedes drink coffee during "fika" - traditional breaks. Besides coffee, they often use cakes and many other delicacies, enjoying with a close person. Photo: 2 food trippers.

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