The secrets of the world famous chefs

US Chefs can work up to 16 hours a day, preferring to go out and enjoy things not on their menu, including fast food.

Here are secrets about the life and work of the chef.

16 hours a day

If diners see a chef in a restaurant, it's usually time to head out to the dining room to show off their special cooking skills or to shake hands with a VIP. But that is only a small part of the chef's daily workload.

Chris Shepherd, the head chef in Houston, goes to his restaurants around 8:30 every morning and works until closing time. That means, sometimes he has to work 16 hours a day. For industry insiders, 70 hours a week is not unusual.

"I don't think anyone knows we have to spend that much time on this job. It's long but certainly we are the heart workers when we spend time, money, everything in there. I always find myself in a hurry as I'm going to be late, "Shepherd said.

The professional chef always dedicates a lot of energy to each dish serving customers. Photo: iStock.

Just good cooking is not enough

In addition to the professional skills that are required, chefs still need to take on responsibilities and learn more from hospitality, time management, and socializing. Erling Wu-Bower, chief chef of Pacific Standard Time restaurant in Chicago, said that even as the owner and chef, he had to work in many different positions from amateur plumber, plumber, and dishwasher. ... to nameless things.

Wu-Bower said: "There is a team behind every chef. Every day I have to deal with farmers, suppliers, designers, dishwashers, cooks and more. contribute a lot to what diners enjoy on the plate. "

Chefs also need leadership. "A successful chef needs to lead the team, inspire, compliment at the right time. The work related to human resource management is as much as making the menu and cooking delicious food," said Daniel Humm, the head chef of the house. Eleven Madison Park in New York, said.

Hourly master

How can a plate of ceviche and a bowl of hot soup be brought to the table at the same time, at a moderate temperature? All thanks to the rhythmic coordination of the chefs, vice chefs, waiters ... "Communication is important between the kitchen and the diners' dining room. If everyone does not talk to each other, the time is also useless, "said Daniel Humm.

In the kitchen, each stage of preparation and processing is assigned to each specific person. Dishes are usually prepared at separate counters, depending on the item. Each counter has different temperature and cooking time rules. For example, a chef in charge of baking will need a different preparation time than a chef specializing in salads. Photo: iStock.

Cooking at home rarely

The job makes chefs hang around with food all day and if they have free time, they will want to do other things than cook a hearty meal.

Chris Shepherd cooks breakfast several times a week, but only cooks dinner once a month at home. He makes sandwiches, cooks rice and beans, or grilled a few chicken thighs, makes gentle salads for himself and his girlfriend. "At home I always cook more simply because I don't like the messy kitchen," he said.

And Daniel Humm travels a lot and doesn't have much time to cook at home. "But once I do, I just prefer a quiet meal with grilled chicken or pasta and simple salad. I also like to cook breakfast for girls when they come to play," he said.

Good morning

Cooking in a restaurant's kitchen is hard and stressful work. Therefore, many chefs start the day with exercise and a healthy breakfast, to prepare mentally and physically.

Daniel Humm often goes out in the morning because he will spend the day in a closed room. "I get a little active everyday: run in Central Park, do yoga, cycle around the city or along the Hudson River," Humm said. "That time helped me to have a relaxing space, think and purify my mind."

Dinner chefs often work in the kitchen until midnight or later, the morning is the best time for them to be with the family. Wu-Bower spent the morning in the garden with his son and listened to the radio while driving to work.

And Michael Solomonov, the head chef of Zahav's restaurant in Philadelphia, says his day starts in different ways. "But usually I always drink a lot of coffee when I wake up and go to the gym, or take my children to school and practice," he said.

Likes to eat out

Like any diners to a restaurant, famous chefs also enjoy enjoying the fun with friends or family. When going to a restaurant, they don't necessarily have to eat a full five courses from appetizers to desserts, but enjoy what is not on their menu. Daniel Humm likes to eat Asian food, especially sushi. And Michael Solomonov likes Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Even Wu-Bower is willing to enjoy greasy fast food when the opportunity arises.

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