The secret behind the famous Japanese wasabi tubes

Only after visiting the wasabi farm, visitors understand the indispensable spice of this Sashimi and Sushi.

The place of wasabi cultivation is a large farm in Daio, about 250 km from Tokyo. Wasabi can only be extracted when the bulbs have to grow for two years or more with a continuous stream of spring water, a temperature of no more than 15 degrees Celsius and not much exposure to the sun.

Wasabi farm in Daio, Japan. Photo: Hello World Travel.

Therefore, the farmer was very hard and laborious to create stone beds, turning streams of water flowing through and shielding the sun with black nets. When eating at Japanese restaurants around the world, you will find fresh wasabi, light blue and much more delicious than wasabi in the dark blue tubes available at Vietnamese seafood restaurants. It is simply fresh wasabi, which is grated directly from the bulb with a separate wooden tool, eaten right away and without any additional ingredients.

There is also the fact that there are many types of wasabi tubes on the market that are artificial. Wasabi loses most of its flavor when exposed to the air for a short time, so wasabi paste actually actually contains horseradish and other ingredients to create a nasal stimulation similar to fresh wasabi. .

When visiting the wasabi farm, you will discover that both the roots and leaves can make dozens of dishes: noodles, pickles, snacks, cakes, candies ... and coffee, juice, wasabi ice cream . If you tasted immediately you will be passionate because they are very delicious with a strange taste never seen before. Because of that, wasabi ice cream is only a recent discovery but it is increasing in popularity in Japan.

Wasabi rice attracts tourists with new and unique flavors. Photo: Hello World Travel.

Recent research also shows that wasabi contains natural chemicals that work against certain cancer cells. This root vegetable can also be used for hygiene and to prevent oral infections. Besides, wasabi can prevent cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, hypertension and heart attack. It can also work well in preventing diarrhea, osteoporosis, asthma, arthritis and allergies.

Even more interesting The Japanese also turn their farms into a lovely park when alternating between the wasabi fields are gardens, statues, flowers, winding roads with green. visitors go on and on to take pictures and forget both time and way back. Therefore, tourism products to experience the countryside and explore Japanese products are very popular with tourists, especially Taiwanese and Thai people.

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