The sea of ​​clouds attracts tourists - Vietnam tourist destination

Standing in front of the vast sea of ​​clouds in Y Ty or raising your hands to embrace clouds at Ta Chinh Nhu are moments that make many people want to pick up and go backpacks.

Here are 5 places where visitors can admire the wonderful scenery covered by clouds.

1. Ta Xua and Yen Bai

Ta Xua Peak is the natural boundary of the two provinces of Son La and Yen Bai. This mountain consists of 3 peaks, the highest peak is where the Vietnamese flagpole is erected, the second peak has the flagpole base up from the French colonial period and the third is in the middle, usually where the locals choose to rest before going up. next two vertices remaining.

Vast clouds of Ta Xua. Photo: chudu

Visitors can start climbing Ta Xua from Ban Cong commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. The trail clinging to the cliffs is quite slippery with steep slopes above the head. However, when you feel tired, you can take advantage of the large arches of the cliffs as a place to rest before continuing. At the top of Ta Xua, visitors can not only see the beautiful flowers blooming along the path, but also be pleased with the scenery like a fairyland. The clouds drifted halfway down the mountain, gathered like a vast sea of ​​clouds, captivating those who once reached the finish line.

2. Ta Lead Nhut, Yen Bai

Dubbed a paradise on earth, Ta Lead Nhut is a favorite destination for many travelers. Located in Xa Ho village, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, Ta Lead Nhu is also known as Phu Song Phu in the Thai way or Chung Chua Nha in the Mong way.

The moment when touching Ta Chi Nhu cloud. Photo: viettq

The road to conquer Ta Chi Nhu is not too difficult, but it will also bring a feeling of fatigue for those who climb the mountain for the first time. Normally, groups of tourists often bring camping tents to stay overnight so they can watch the sunrise and sunset on the top of the mountain. The campsite is usually selected at an altitude of 2000 m. From here, visitors have to go about 979 meters more to reach the destination, where you can see a large view.

From the top of Ta Chi Nhut, visitors can reach out their hands to reach for drifting clouds. White clouds, floating around the top of Ta Xua, Ta Y Cho beside him as if taking the visitor lost in a fairy tale place.

3. Thung May, Hoa Binh

Also known by the name Lung Van, Thung May is a place name located about 40 km from the center of Hoa Binh province. It is located at an altitude of 1200 m and is surrounded by Tien, Po and Trau mountains. To reach Thung May, visitors have to cross high mountains with many steep slopes about 13 km long.

Valley Cloud all year round floating in white clouds. Along with the cool climate and gentle winds pushing the thin drifting clouds, Thung May attracts visitors from the first time arriving.

4. Sa Pa, Lao Cai

As a tourist destination of Vietnam, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province is not only famous for its fresh and cool climate, but also famous for its magical scenery with clouds in the heart of the town. guests stop.

The most ideal area to admire the town of Sa Pa floating in the clouds is the Ham Rong mountain area, behind the ancient stone church or the Mongolian cave area, about 4 km from the center of Sa Pa town. However, regardless of choosing any location, visitors can still be satisfied with a romantic and romantic Sa Pa in the cloud of indifference.

5. Medicine Ty, Lao Cai

Y Ty is probably a familiar name to veteran backpackers. Located at an altitude of 2000 m in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, Y Ty is mostly covered by clouds all year round and rarely sees the sun shining all day.

Y Ty all year round curled up in clouds and mountains. Photo: 2banh

To be able to admire a beautiful carpet of floating clouds, visitors have to run around a few cliffs. But when passed, the scenery changed dramatically, surprising many visitors. The sky becomes clearer, if lucky, it is possible to encounter brilliant rays of sunshine different from the haze covering below.

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