Ta Lead Nhun, the ocean on the clouds

With an altitude of 2,979 m, Ta Lead Nhu peak in Tram Tau district (Yen Bai) has a harsh climate but is ideal for "hunting clouds" on beautiful days.

Ta Lead Nhu, also known as Phu Song Sung, is called by the Thai or Chung Chua Nha as the Mong people call it, located in the Pu Luong massif in the Hoang Lien Son range. Ta Lead Nhut is currently the 6th highest mountain in Vietnam and is considered as an ocean on the clouds, attracting photographers and enthusiasts to explore.

Peaceful village on the way to the top of Ta Lead Nhu.

The road from Hanoi to the top of Ta Chinh Nhu must pass through Nghia Lo, Tram Tau, and then go to Xa Ho village. From the center of the commune, you only have to travel 6-7 km more, you have to park the car and start a challenging climbing journey. Compared to Mount Fansipan, Ta Chinh Nhu is lower, but the road to Yen Bai peak is much more difficult.

The trail leading up to the top is almost exclusively, erect, sometimes like walking on a mountain ridge. Right from the foot of the mountain, the surrounding fog was dense. So the climbing groups kept messing around, one after another, straight through the white mist. That is not to mention the higher the wind, the stronger the wind, many sections you have to squat down to avoid the wind like whipping in the face, hissing each time.

Sloping up to the top, headlines like there is no break, so Ta Lead Nhut easily discourages people. But if you do not climb to a height of over 2,000 meters to camp overnight, you will not be able to admire the most beautiful cloudy moment at sunset and early sunny dawn.

The scene is like a steppe on top of Ta Lead Nhut.

Tiredness and shortness of breath follow you on every step, not knowing where to stop when the two sides of the old forest smoke. But just go through the primeval forest to reach the bamboo forest. The green of the leaves, the yellow color of the trunk mixed with the color of mist, lurking above the dancing clouds will energize you on your journey to conquer.

At the foot of the mountain is cloudy, but above when it is still light, you can see the slight sunbeams printed on the soft white clouds. Qin hesitated moments, then soon darkness fell down suddenly. Camp and light a flare in the dark night, dispelling the bone-chilling cold. Then early the next morning just open your eyes and you can touch the cloudy dream.

However, the sea of ​​clouds is really only visible when you are on top of Ta Lead Nhut. On the way from the height of 2,000 m up to the top, you will see hills with trees growing in the middle of the abdomen, green leaves, purple flowers, and white flowers stretching far away like a large steppe. Occasionally, a herd of horses appear to be messing up, making you feel like you are lost in the plains of nomads.

Sea of ​​clouds at an altitude of 2,979 m.

The more you go up, the more clouds are, but not the cloudy, cloudy but white clouds, floating around the mountain. Under the crystal-clear early sunlight, the clouds shone in a charming pink color. Going a little further is the shack for raising buffaloes and cows, making the landscape above all overflowing with living plastic.

The hurried footsteps as the climber chased after the clouds floating overhead, when they turned a sea of ​​clouds left behind and the top of Ta Chou Nhu was right in front of him. The hills appear in view like islands amid a sea of ​​white clouds. In the front is "island" Ta Lead Nhu, further is "island" Ta Y Cho, on the left is "island" Ta Xua, behind is "archipelago" Phu Sung Song.

Perhaps you never feel the clouds and the sky so close, like just reaching out to reach them. The clouds at this time are not above the head but at eye level, sometimes loosely, soft like silk, sometimes fluffy, white like cotton. Following the run of the sun, clouds clearly appeared, creating a wonderful natural scenery.

The first sunny days of winter are the appropriate time for you to conquer Ta Lead Nhut. Because the sun is not too strong and the wind is not too cold, it will help you climb without losing strength, and the sky is blue enough for the clouds to show off the pristine white color. If you do not have much time, just climbing a day and a half is enough. Remember to bring tents, food and drink (even if there is a stream) for overnight camping.

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