'Great Wall of Great Wall' Vietnamese version of nearly 2,000 steps in Binh Lieu

The road running along the mountain ridge in the border district of Quang Ninh has a new look that makes many visitors excited.

The road up to milestone 1305 in the territory of Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh is famous for its danger and is known as one of the hardest to conquer "dinosaur backbones" in the North.

After becoming a famous destination, trekking road to landmark 1305 in Binh Lieu has been built an additional stairway about 1.8 km long with 2,000 steps.

This is considered as "Van Ly Truong Thanh" Vietnamese version because it is right on the border patrol route dividing the two countries Vietnam - China. Standing from the top of the landmark, visitors can feel all the pristine natural scenery with majestic mountain peaks hidden in the haze.

Although the road has not officially come into operation, many curious visitors have come to take pictures. In recent years, Binh Lieu has become a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts. The natural scenery here is quite intact, not much affected by tourism.

Each season in Binh Lieu brings a different beauty. Spring is the time when hundreds of flowers bloom throughout the mountains and forests. Autumn is the scenery of golden terraced fields.

In autumn, the meadows rippling along the two sides of the road to flowering landmarks attract a lot of visitors. In winter, if you are lucky, you can even see the ice with your own eyes.

Hung Truong, manager of Binh Lieu Travel website, said that in the past two years, the number of tourists flocking to Binh Lieu has increased dramatically, many attractions in the border patrol road area do not have parking spaces. So many objects take advantage of the loopholes of tourists to steal motorbikes. This season, the number of visitors coming here also increased dramatically, leading to indiscriminate littering, causing unsanitary conditions.

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