Go to Hang Kia - Pa Co to watch the sea of ​​white clouds floating

With cool, fresh air and often covered by clouds, Hang Kia - Pa Co is becoming an ideal cloud hunting spot for tourists in the North.
Located about 150km from the center of Hanoi, Hang Kia and Pa Co are two mountainous communes in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. On the journey to Hang Kia - Pa Co, visitors not only can admire the scenery of the white sea of ​​floating clouds but also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the life of upland people.

To get here, you can take the bus route Hanoi - Moc Chau, Hanoi - Son La, Hanoi - Dien Bien, there are many garage for you to choose from. If you want to go by motorbike, you follow the route Thang Long Highway - Highway 6 towards Moc Chau.

Arriving at the Hong Nhung gas station in the Pa Co commune, you can rent a guesthouse here or continue about 10km to Hang Kia commune.

During the journey, you will go through winding roads, leading the way through the simple stilt houses of the Mong people. In particular, do not forget to stop and take photos at the White Stone Pass along the way.
In Hang Kia commune there are a number of homestays for you to choose to stay with prices ranging from 100 thousand VND to 200 thousand VND / night / person. You should choose the homestay with the right location to visit.

Coming to Hang Kia - Pa Co, visitors cannot ignore the ideal cloud hunting place, which is the sky gate area, located at an altitude of 1,100m above sea level. The entrance ticket to visit this area is 15 thousand VND / person.

Clouds here usually appear more from October to April. The best time for cloud hunting is from 5am to 10am. If you're lucky, visitors can see the sea of ​​white clouds floating, stretching to the end of the sky.

In the fresh air of the Northwest high mountains, you can release your soul, immerse yourself in the clouds and sky to dispel all daily stress and sorrow.

However, if you do not meet clouds, do not be sad because standing here, visitors can still admire the whole valley. You can see Pu Luong peak (Thanh Hoa) and Mount Pha Luong (Son La).

Besides, at the gate area, there are many different kinds of flowers planted to serve the needs of tourists.

Pham Thi Thu Hien (SN 1997) had an experience trip to Hang Kia - Pa Co in early September. Thu Hien was lucky enough to have successful rattan hunting on her first trip here.

Thu Hien shares: “I really like the scenery, people and life here. The people here are mainly Mong people, they are very friendly and enthusiastic. There is one thing that I cannot forget about them, which is their smile and affection ”.

“I choose to stay at the homestay Y Mua, only about 3km from the cloud hunting point, so it is very convenient to move. The rate of successful rattan hunting in Hang Kia - Pa Co is quite high because according to the people here, rattan occurs all year round and almost appears much. If it was sunny and rainy night the day before, the next day there will be a sea of ​​clouds, ”Thu Hien added.

Coming to Hang Kia - Pa Co, visitors can also visit some other attractive places such as Tat Nang waterfall, Ta Xo area, Thung A Lang, tea hill ...

In addition, visitors can also walk to visit the village, learn about life and experience the typical cultural features of the Mong ethnic people here such as wax painting, indigo dyeing, brocade weaving ...

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