Fondue cheese hotpot, a 'national spirit' dish of Switzerland

Switzerland is not only famous for watches, majestic Apls mountain range but also the attractive cheese hotpot Fondue.
Fondue is a dish consisting of one or more different types of cheese, melted in a small pot cooked with alcohol or candles.

The kitchen and the cheese pot are served at the table like hotpot dishes in Vietnam, along with some popular side dishes such as small pieces of bread, cold items such as bacon, sausages, salami , and some vegetables like potatoes or mushrooms.

Fondue cheese hotpot has many types, the formula for mixing different types of cheese is also different.

According to many records, Fondue has a long history from the 17th century, this attractive dish has only really been popular since 1930, after a marketing campaign of the Swiss Cheese Association with the slogan "Fondue. make you feel good. " During this period, the hotpot of cheese was sent to the army and was present at all events. And from there, the Swiss people began to form habits and hobbies with this dish. These days, you can find it throughout Switzerland, from small eateries to upscale restaurants.

The first Fondue recipe dates back to 1699, it is called 'Käss mit Wein zu kochen', meaning "cheese cooked with wine". Some claim that the dish originated from Alpine farmers in Switzerland, who brewed wine, garlic and herbs with cheese as a way to store food through the harsh winter.

For the Swiss, making Fondue is not simple, it is both easy and difficult. Easy because the material is easy to find and not picky. The difficulty is how the cheese does not lump or over-heat, and must have the desired thickness.

When enjoying food also have its own rules. The most popular are Gruyère, Emmental or Vacherin soft cream cheese. Or the blend of Gruyère with Vacherin "Fondue moitié-moitié" is the most popular recipe with half Gruyère and Vacherin cheese; or Vacherin and water. This dish is not only popular in Switzerland but spread to many countries with many variations of traditional Fondue such as blending 3-4 types of cheese, tomato Fondue with hot tomato sauce served with potatoes and mushrooms, Fondue goat cheese, Fondue chocolate fruit served with pastries ...

The dish used to eat Fondue is usually quite long so you can dip your bread into the pot. Dip bread into a cheese hotpot is not just for eating, but a way to prevent cheeses from burning and burning.

Cheese dishes are used until the layer of fire in the pot is also "scrapped". A lot of people love this burnt cheese.

Fondue usually uses bagels, with a thick crust and intestines. When enjoying Fondue, people avoid to avoid putting bread into the Fondue pot and when eating, do not let the lips touch the fork, because they will be immersed in the cheese.

If you come to Switzerland, remember to enjoy the Fondue, "Fondue will make you feel good."

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