Floating on the ocean of Ta Xua clouds

Overcoming 230 km of winding and difficult pass, the achievement you get when successfully conquering Ta Xua peak is the ultimate joy when you can see the breathtaking sea of ​​clouds.

Ta Xua is located in Bac Yen district, Son La province, adjacent to the two provinces of Yen Bai and Son La.

The highest peak here is 2,865 m, ranked 10th among the highest mountains in Vietnam. Ta Xua is a challenge that is not easy to overcome for anyone who wants to conquer.

Ta Xua has 3 main mountain peaks, forming an extremely majestic natural wonder, with a shape like the back of a giant prehistoric dinosaur, rising, winding, thorny and dangerous.

To climb Ta Xua there are two paths: One road starts from Tram Tau (Yen Bai), the second road departs from Bac Yen (Son La).

The road to Ta Xua is steep, winding through the Mong people.

With good fitness, it will take you 3 days 2 nights to conquer, good fitness experience takes about 2 days 1 night.

Standing on the top of Ta Xua, if you are lucky, you will be able to admire the sea of ​​clouds floating, feeling like you are lost in a fairyland, a miracle left in the world.

There are no words to describe the beauty of nature here, just know that, standing in this real paradise on earth, time seems to stop drifting, each moment becomes more calm and smooth than ever. over.

This place attracts many young people who are passionate about conquering adventurous heights. However, not everyone is lucky enough to catch a moment of clouds covering their feet like this.

The appropriate time to hunt for Ta Xua clouds is the winter months, from December to March each year, the probability of catching a valley of clouds will be higher.

This is also the place associated with the work "A Phu couple" in the textbook.

In addition, on the journey of discovery, you will also find a variety of forest flowers growing into a carpet of flowers covering the path, including unnamed flowers of the forest mountains that also contribute to creating a poetic, ghostly look. for a majestic alpine region.

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