Coffee noodles - the latest cooling dish in Japan

Combining coffee and soba noodles, a beverage shop in Chiba Prefecture has launched a new cooling dish for this summer.

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If you've been to Japan during the summer, you've probably heard of or enjoyed coffee jelly. This is a gelatin-flavored dessert with a coffee flavor and is the latest refreshment to attract customers in Japan. The owner of Tanuki coffee shop in Kisarazu city, Chiba Prefecture thinks that coffee jelly is not attractive enough. Therefore, the shop decided to create a new dish called coffee soba noodles.

Coffee soba noodles are eaten with chopsticks in the traditional way of Japanese like cold soba. Photo: soranews24.

Coffee noodles are a new type of jelly inspired by zaru soba (cold soba noodles), a popular summer dish in Japan. When eating, customers pick cold noodles separately for the soy sauce was prepared and mixed well. However, unlike normal soba noodles made from buckwheat flour, coffee noodles are made from gelatin and French coffee.

When eaten, noodles are also cut into long fibers and mixed with soy sauce. But instead of mentsuyu, diners will enjoy noodles with sweet dipping sauce from blueberry syrup. In addition, the dish can also add green tea powder to taste more unique.

Tanuki has a cute little space located just 3 minutes away from Gion Station and is open from 11am to 6pm daily except Mondays and 3.Photo: Soranews24.

Tanuki restaurant started selling soba coffee from June 29 for 650 yen (140,000 dong) per serving. According to Soranews24, this new dish will certainly be the highlight of this summer and if it can appeal to the majority of diners, it will appear in the coming summer.

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