Beautiful ski resorts near Seoul

KOREA Phoenix Snow Park, Jisan Forest Resort and Bears Town are suggestions for ski lovers.

The ski resorts attract tourists for its beautiful scenery and diverse games. To get here, visitors take a bus from Seoul.

Snow park of Phoenix

Located in Pyeongchang District, Gangwon Province, the park was once chosen to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. The snow park has a total of 17 slopes - and some of them are recognized as being of good quality by the association. international skiing (FIS). In addition, the park is also an environmentally friendly resort. To get here, you will take about 2 hours by bus from Samseong and Jamsil stations, Seoul.

The ski area is located at 174 Taegi-ro, Pyeongchang District, Gangwon-do Province. Photo: Phoenixhnr.

Jisan forest ski resort

Known for its rock festivals in the summer, the Jisan resort is a place where you can come to relax and experience winter sports activities. The resort is fully equipped with ski equipment, and has 8 ski slopes for beginners. The slopes passed through the snow-covered pine forests. To get to the resort, you take a 40-minute bus from Gangnam district.

Bears Town area

Bears Town is certified by the international ski association as a major entertainment complex near Seoul. It is suitable for most skiers, with a skating trail for professional athletes, 2 high-level ramps, 2 medium-level ramps and 3 ramps for beginners. Bears Town Resort is also a suitable place for families to entertain with gentle hills.

Vivaldi Ski World Park

In recent years, Vivaldi Park Ski World has become Seoul's favorite ski spot. In addition to 13 slopes, the park also has interesting indoor activities such as golf, bowling, billard and karaoke for leisure travelers. It takes more than an hour and 30 minutes to reach Vivaldi Park from Seoul.

Vivaldi Park is the most famous ski area in Korea. Photo: Klook.

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