Bac Son valley appears in the clouds during the ripe rice season

The golden fields and the sea of ​​clouds in the early morning made the scenery of Bac Son picturesque.

At the end of July, Bac Son valley (Lang Son) is dyed yellow when rice fields are ripe for harvesting. From the top of Na Lay, a popular paparazzi stop, visitors will admire the panoramic view of the valley.

A special feature in the valley this season is the soil color of the harvested field alternating yellow paddy and ripe rice corners. This particular beauty is formed by uneven farmers.

The farmer harvests rice in a field. Compared to Y Ty in Lao Cai or Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai, Bac Son is not a popular name but it is sought by many paparazzi whenever it is in the rice season.

The season of ripe rice in the Bac Son valley is earlier than other localities and usually lasts about a week. Therefore, visitors should take advantage of the time to plan a short trip for 2-3 days.

Line of trees on the edge of the field reflected in the yellow season in Bac Son It has favorable weather to grow rice. The golden rice crop falls in late July and mid-November.

In the afternoon, people went to the field to burn straw to clean the field and prepare to plant the next crop. Just down the wind, the burning smoke flies high, visitors can easily smell the faint straw fainting a mountainous region.

A small canal winding through the valley, mixed with the blue scenery of clouds. Bac Son valley is located in the limestone mountains stretching along the folds of the Tay, Nung and Dao ethnic groups.

In addition to ripe rice fields, rattan is also a "specialty" in the mountains of Bac Son. From Hanoi, you can take Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen and then on Highway 1B, move nearly 80 km to the valley.

On the way to Bac Son valley in the early morning, visitors can stop at Tam Canh pass, about 3 km from Bac Son town to admire the majestic and poetic scenery when clouds appear.

Photographer Bui Vinh Thuan, born and raised in Bac Son, said the Na Lay peak about 400 m above sea level is the best place to capture the whole Bac Son valley. "When the sun shines behind the mountains, the valley in the clouds appears like a ink painting."

According to Mr. Thuan, tourists who want to hunt for pictures of sunrise and clouds have to start at 3:30 at the foot of the mountain, climbing and resting over 1,200 stone steps in an hour to reach Na Lay. Guests should limit climbing after rainy nights because of the dangerous slippery stone steps. Although going in the summer, visitors should still bring a thin jacket in the early morning and when night falls in Bac Son the temperature can drop.

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