4 Korean dishes that make people ecstatic in the world

Kimchi hotpot, grilled ribs or traditional rice cakes are all made according to Vietnamese taste, neither too sour nor too spicy.

In addition to romantic movies with beautiful cast, Korea also scores with tourists by the variety of cuisine. In Vietnam, the food of the land of kimchi has no small place in the hearts of customers.

Traditional rice cakes

Is a famous snack in Korea, also known as topokki. The slices of rice cake are cut evenly, processed with chili sauce, satay and chili powder so bring a spicy red color. You can eat rice cake or use with hot rice. Depending on the type of topokki, the processor will add other ingredients such as beef, octopus, seafood ...

The rice cakes are red, seemingly spicy, but they are actually quite tasty and only slightly. Photo: Thao Nghi
Fish eggs kimbap

Fresh ingredients such as fish eggs, crab sticks, avocado ... will be processed by the chefs to make attractive kimbap. Above the surface is sprinkled with white sesame, adding some decorative vegetables to make the dish more beautiful. Kimbap is rolled firmly, when you chew it into the mouth, you will feel the tiny broken eggs.

A kimbap has 10 to 12 rolls, suitable for two-person ordering. Photo: Thao Nghi


Ribs or bacon will be cut into medium-sized pieces and seasoned with rich seasoning. When baked, there was a sweet aroma and a pleasant sizzling sound. You will use hot meat rolls, dipping sauce and enjoy. And yet, if you want to imitate Koreans, you have to roll it out loud and put it all in your mouth.

The roast at first glance looks quite small, but when rolled with vegetables and the salad served, you will feel satisfied. Photo: Thao Nghi

Mixed rice

Mixed rice has many types such as normal mixed rice, fish roe mixed rice or hot pot earth rice. The rice dish is mixed when it is hot, has many ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, kimchi, meat, sauces ... Just mix up and you can eat. Mixed rice can be used with small outer dishes such as kimchi, anchovies, cucumber or peanuts ...

Mixed rice is a very familiar dish in Korea. Photo: Foody

In addition to the above suggestions, you can also try other delicious dishes such as kimchi hotpot, young tofu cooked with clams, dry fried black noodles or seafood pancakes ...

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