10 irresistible delicacies of the land of cherry blossoms

Coming to Nagoya, you cannot miss Miso Katsu or come to Tokyo remember to enjoy Edo-mae sushi. In every prefecture in Japan, local people invented a delicious dish with a regional impression. Let's walk along cherry land to enjoy the irresistible delicious specialties.

1. Edomae-zushi, Tokyo

Coming to Tokyo, visitors can not miss the traditional sushi called Edomae-zushi, named after Edo - the old name of Tokyo. Edomae-zushi is made from sliced ​​raw fish sliced ​​on pieces of rice vinegar. The aromatic plasticity of the rice, the sour taste of vinegar mixed with the delicious fresh fish flavor will surely bring visitors new and delicious feelings.

Sushi Edo is famous in Tokyo.

2. Miso katsu, Nagoya

Miso Katsu is a fried pork cutlet with Worcester sauce. This is a popular dish of Japanese people and Nagoya is considered by many to make the best Miso Katsu. Here, people often use Aka-miso sauce, a sweet, sweet sauce.

Pork cutlet with famous Miso red brown sauce

3. Takoyaki, Osaka

Takoyaki is a famous traditional street food originating from Osaka. This is a cake loved by young people in Osaka and throughout Japan.

If Japanese dishes are processed delicately and elaborately, Takoyaki cake is made quite simple. In Japanese, Tako means octopus and Yaki is grilled. To cook this dish, the chef simply squeezes the dough into a circle and takes the octopus filler and bakes it. Takoyaki is hot and crispy when baked.

Takoyaki cake attractive.

4. Champon, Nagasaki

When a restaurant owner in Nagasaki cooked a Champon dish to serve Chinese students who craved home food in the late 19th century, they didn't know it would become one of Nagasaki's most famous specialties. 100 years later.

Champon, also known as noodle soup, is made from ordinary noodles and cooked with broth, adding seafood, pork and vegetables to create a special flavor. This dish is similar to Chinese noodles.

Nagasaki's scared noodles.

5. Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima

Okonomiyakia originated in Osaka but this dish has been "improved" by the Hiroshima people in a new way and becomes a delicacy not to be missed when coming here.

Okonomiyaki is known as "Japanese Pancake" and is made quite simply including a layer of flour underneath, cabbage, pork, octopus, squid, cheese, certain types of noodles ... and Coat a layer of flour on top. The pancakes in the Hiroshima area use more cabbage.

The name of the cake is originally a combination of Okonomi (something you like) and yaki (baked), from which Okonomiyaki is understood as "baking the things you like" and the baker can customize the filling according to his own taste.

The delicious pancakes in Hiroshima.

6. Chanpuru, Okinawa

Visitors to Okinawa rarely miss Chanpuru - Famous stir-fried melon. This dish consists of thinly chopped bitter melon with onions, eggs, pork and tofu.

Bitter melon fried with eggs, a delicacy in Okinawa.

7. Ishikari-nabe, Hokkaido

Ishikari-nabe is a Hokkaido specialty dish with the main ingredient being fresh salmon. The name of the dish comes from the Ishikari-Gawa River, a famous place to catch salmon. The slices of salmon are stewed together with vegetables, tofu and konnyaku, mixed with seaweed miso sauce.

Potatoes and cabbage are added when added to the dish will add flavor. This Ishikari-nabe dish originated in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ishikari-nabe is a raw salmon.

8. Ramen Sapporo, Sapporo

Ramen, also known as Noodles originated from China. However, the Japanese have cleverly reduced spices and changed the way of processing to suit their tastes. Ramen noodles are served with bone broth, pork, lard and miso sauce.

Ramen noodles.

9. Yudofu, Kyoto

One of the famous dishes in the ancient capital of Kyoto is Yudofu, also known as boiled tofu. People here often cook in soup then take out beans and marinate in spices.

Boiled tofu, Yudofu, is a dish of a Buddhist priest in Kyoto. Because they cannot eat meat or fish for religious reasons, tofu is a valuable source of protein for them. For the same reason, many long-standing restaurants serve delicious boiled tofu in Kyoto. Winter in Kyoto is extremely cold so boiled tofu becomes a particularly delicious dish there.

Boiled tofu - one of the dishes not to be missed when coming to Kyoto.

10. Sanuki udon, Takamatsu

Takamatsu city of Shikoku island is not a famous and crowded place, attracting too many tourists in Japan. However, visitors who have come here said that they cannot forget the taste of Sanuki udon noodles.

The special feature of Sanuki udon noodles is the softness that is hard to describe. Not only has the silky smooth color of silk, each strand of Sanuki udon noodles every time when it is put into the mouth also creates a happy slurping sound.

Sanuki udon noodles are attractive and affordable.

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